Ruan Redelinghuys
 Wedding Photography from Ruan Redelinghuys, an Award Winning South African Wedding Photographer

Wedding Couple Portraits

Married to your one true love and happier than you have ever been. 

We discover beautiful locations together, create intimate portraits and use majestic landscapes with you as the feature. I give you advice and tips on creating the perfect look throughout the couple portrait session and then stand back to let you make it your own.

Fun, relaxed and always easier than you can imagine.

Bridal Portraits

Excitement, energy and joy. The bridal room is where the wedding day begins with personal details, make-up and your bridesmaids helping you to put on the wedding gown. I shoot the beginning of the day with a documentary approach, anticipating the special moments as they happen. Using soft and natural light we create meaningful Bridal portraits with you looking your best before a quick glance in the mirror and last touch-up before the Wedding Ceremony begins.

Groom Portraits

Adjusting your tie, fastening the cuff-links and making a last note to your speech.

I join you to cover the moments between you and your groomsmen, getting ready and for some individual portraits. Shooting with strong lines, bold scenery and light that create masculine contrast, we create relaxed & fun portraits of you and your groomsmen with some posing in between but not too much, I promise.

Wedding Ceremony

A few glances & smiles, vowing to love each other for all of eternity, exchanging the rings right through to the first kiss.

From the moment you see each other for the first time at the ceremony, after days, weeks and months of planning, I instinctively follow your reactions, exchanges of vows, rings and the first kiss, parents wiping a tear and guests celebrating your marriage with showers of confetti.

Wedding Reception

Mr & Mrs, the Wedding Reception, speeches & toasts to everyone and dancing until the sun comes up.

The evening slowly winds through friends and family asking to see the rings and having a picture taken with you, the newlywed couple. Throughout the Wedding Reception I cover the speeches, dancing and moments in between as it unfolds, sometimes even whisking you away for a photo or two under the beautiful night sky.